Cheynet de Beaupré?



On February 23th 2018, 4 members of our association "For the safeguarding of the name Cheynet" have been sued for libel action by Marc Cheynet de Beaupré.

Mr Cheynet de Beaupré is asking for 20 000 € in retributory damages.

The court hearing will take place on May 3rd 2018 at 08:30 in Dijon, France.

More to come on this website.



In the memory of all the Cheynet whose honour has been injured for 30 years by changing their name.

« The Cheynet family are without doubt commoners. » Association d'entraide de la noblesse français (French association for nobility)[1], May 17th 2016

Introduction[Back to contents]

After being written Chainet, then Chaynet, we can find the name Cheynet in Rochemaure's church books, Ardèche, France, up to the 18th century. As far as we can go, it is impossible to find any official trace of a so called Cheynet de Beaupré family. How and why did this name appeared as if by magic during the begining of the1980's? This is what we will try to find out with this web site, with many facts and documents. On one side, we have civil state certificates with the name Cheynet while, on the other side, the same documents have been modified by adding de Beaupré to the name Cheynet.

Simplified genealogy[Back to contents]

This simplified genealogy tree shows the agnatic ascendency[2], which means of the men who have been named Cheynet with spelling variations.

Notice: French date format is DD/MM/YYYY.

Généalogie simplifiée

Le name Cheynet de Beaupré appeared very recently, i.e. in 1987. Some members of the family accepted the advice of one of their members and accepted to change their name on the behalf of very suspect documents, while others refused and prefered to keep their true name which is Cheynet.

Notice: French date format is DD/MM/YYYY.

Généalogie simplifiée

Notes and references[Back to contents]

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2. Definition of the word "agnatic" on the Free Dictionnary